Thursday, December 31, 2009

Broken Cameras and cold weather!

It has been almost 5 days since a post. I have been to Boston . Oh the best of plans i had........I arrived in Boston on Monday morning, after flying all night. It was downright cold( I am from the desert you know) I had to take a good 4 hour nap. when I awoke the weather was getting worse.I looked up the Isabelle Stewart Gardner Musuem . I have been wanting to go there ever since I read I read the book Strapless(

The woman the museum is named after was one of John Singer Sargent's biggest patrons. ......oh to my dismay It is closed on Mondays......dash it all. Next best thing would be to go to a knitting store! I looked one up on my darn broken camera phone( I know I am really whining about this camera thing)and saw there is a knittting store I haven't been to, in Cambridge, near Harvard Square. So I was on my way
I walked out of the hotel and the sky was spitting unsweetened slurppey at me... Yuck it was cold wet and miserable.......So I changed my plans again I walked down to the public library and sat in the beautiful reading room on the second floor and just knitted for a while. If you have never been to the public library in Boston I highly recommend it. The murals on the third floor where done by John Singer Sargent. I believe the other murals were done by Edward Abby. The reading room is an Architectural gem of America( This was how it was described to me by the dean of architecture for the Boston school of architecture)It is a spectacularly restful and beautiful place... Its also warm and dry when the sky has turned into a wet slurppy machine!
After some restful knitting in a beautiful place I was off for a yarn fix, to my favorite yarn shop in Boston, Newburry Yarns. It is located on Newburry street. The owner Aldritch is just a delightful breath of fresh air on a wet winter day! Her little shop is like a French atelier. with high windows and walls of yarn. I was coveting a wool crepe by Schafer yarns only 100.00$ a skein ( she has more affordable yarnbut I just have champagne taste with my beer budget wallet)
After a wonderful chat and yarn fix I was in desperate need of tea.. The perfect place Tealuxe on Newburry street.They have probably 200 different kinds of tea. I settled in with a big cup of almond rooboos(no caffeine I must sleep tonight) and a big biscotti. A little knitting and it was back to the hotel to try and get some sleep for the long day ahead...........

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