Monday, December 21, 2009

Charlotte Oh Charlotte

I am A Traveling Knitter and here's my story.....
Well I now have a little crush on Charlotte North Carolina. It was a great cold sunny day. I once again used my magical app,poynt on my Blackberry. And found that there was a knitting store a mile and a half from the hotel we stay at downtown. ..... Those of you know me, know that's nothing when yarn is involved!
Off I went to see what Charlotte Yarn had to offer. I had no idea what I was in for. Wow never judge a book by its cover. The store is in a very nice neighborhood(well get to that later) it is in a very nondescript shopping mall. I walked and was immediately greeted with great southern charm. And suddenly I was seeing amazing samples of wonderful knitting and beautiful patterns. I was only 5 feet in the store and - wanted to know what 3 different patterns were(this hasn't happened in a while.... I have been complacent). I was experiencing the thrill of discovery. I was to discover that the warm welcome had come from the vivacious owner Remi. Her stash of yarns are wonderful,varied,and surprising. . She has a large selection of malabrigo, wonderful tweed alpaca, and my secret favorite yarn Fleece Artist(I have a long standing love affair with Fleece artist and her sister handmaiden....does that make me a player... With yarn I guess I am a player!)
I actually went off my stash diet and bought a local treasure called Knit for Knitting. By Natalie Johnson. She lives in Mayberry NC( yes folks that's right Andy Griffin, Barney Fife, and Aunt Bea)
Check her out at
I want to use my beautiful skein of yarn to knit a scarf I saw in Charlotte Yarn in the book exquisite little knits. The flying L scarf. I will get right to that project once I finish the secret christmas knitting!
I am looking forward to spending lots of time in Charlotte Yarn. I am now going to make a point to bid Charlotte overnights. (Look at what I found on my first adventure....I can't wait to see what other jewels I can find)
On my way back I decided to cut through the neighborhood between Charlotte Yarn and the hotel. Wow I am enchanted. Its is like the garden district in New Orlenes. Beautiful Tree lined streets and lovely homes beautifully manicures yards. If it is this beautiful in the winter I can't wait for spring and summer.
Check out Charlotte Yarn
If you go in tell tham A Traveling Knitter sent you!

I need to apologize,for those that follow me , There are no pictures and won't be till I get home. The camera on my phone is kaputt. If they have to send me a new phone it will be the 4th phone this year.. Thankfully it is still under warranty. I love what the Blackberry can do but I have been having a run of bad luck with these phones. So that just means I will have to come back to Charlotte with working Camera... That won't be hard to do
...................Oh Charlotte we have so much to do........
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  1. OOOO I have avoided flying domestic during the winter months with all the delays out of Phl. I do have a 3 day MBJ w/ a long layover in Clt next week....Hmmm it just may be the incentive I need!
    Love your blog!

  2. I hope you go I really think you will enjoy Charlotte Yarn.
    Tell them A Traveling Knitter sent you!