Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Knitting

Not that I needed a new project I started one anyway. Yesterday I received the Church Mouse yarn and tea newsletter. They always add a little pattern inside. The holiday pattern was to irresistible ignore.
You cast on enough stitches with chunky gingerbread colored yarn, and appropriate size circulars. Join in the round and knit the whole skien. Felt the crap out of it(my words they are to polite to use such language). Cut the tube open, iron it, trace gingerbread cookie cutters and cut out gingerbread men.(or women) Decorate with buttons embroidery flos eyes. The sky is the limit.
Happy Holiday Knitting!
I am going to use them as ornaments and to tie on gifts.
I will post the progress!
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  1. I like this idea! What a quick idea and a good way to use some brown wool I have not used yet.