Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scientific Proof! (Knitting can make you happy)

This morning I was eating my oatmeal,which I am not crazy about,but everyone in THE WORLD says its good for my cholesterol. I came across a article in Prevention magazine about happiness. Among their tips, it recommends that you let your mind wander. In one recent study by researches at University of British Columbia. "People who allowed their minds to wander while doing simple tasks tapped into not only their executive brain network( source of logical thinking and problem solving) but also their "default network" that is the well spring for creative thought and relaxed, introspective thinking."
So sounds like knitting to me!
The second item that points to knitting, make something.
Easy enough, but there is a downside. You have to finish the job! Uh oh! No more UFOs(for the acronym challenged that's unfinished items, most knitters have a few). Yeah like that's going to happen
The final item is, give stuff away(they said money,but we all know knitted items are worth so much more than money!)
There you have it! Proof that our obsession ie. . little hobby, Scientically makes us happier more productive members of society.
Now I need to do a little research on how to solve global warming with brownies and wine!
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  1. Very cool... I totally agree

    Rob in Poulsbo, WA