Friday, October 30, 2009


I would like to apologize as A Traveling Knitter I try to post on the road and the last post just got garbled. I hope most of it is clear enough to read
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art and Knitting in Toronto

Wow what a day it only took 2 buses,4 trains, and about 3 miles of walking. Oh but so worth it! It was a beautiful grey fall day not to cold about 55 degrees. It was off to the bus terminal. I think - chose the slowest bus to the subway trains. Oh well lots more knitting done. I was also armed with some really great music. I have been listening to Melody Gardot. You would think I was sick of her, but the love affair continues. I also had KD Lang's 49th parallel my homage to Canada. From the bus it was two subway trains to my first stop. I am wondering is it a rule you can't show any emotion on a subway. I mean come on smile people! I purposely smiled the whole way (maybe that's why everybody gave me such a wide berth. I finally got off at St George. And then it was a good hoof to Americo knitting store.

Well worth it what a beautiful store surrounded by all kinds of hip and funky stores. My buddies Sandee and Desiree both told me about this store they said it is pretty. They went kidding and an inspiration. Check out the web site. The patterns are amazing. Nicole and Grayden are wonderful. I was so annoyed that I am on a yarn diet.
I may not have mentioned it but I have put myself on a yarn diet. I need to drop a few ponds around my stash!
After Americo it was off to another fun funky knit store Lettuce Knit.
I had read about Megans knit store on the Yarn Harlots web site. ( If you have not been to her blog drop everything and read her site she cracks me up! I also love her books) Lettuce knit is in a wonderful eclectic neighborhood in a great old house. She has a great selection of my favorite Canadian yarns along with some other nice surprises.

My next destination was Art gallery of Ontario. I mentioned that my latest crush is an Artist named Emily Carr.
(Got in trouble for this piture. I didn't use a flash!) Her work took my breath away and she introduced me to another Artist I have fallen for Lawren S Harris. The unofficial leader of the group of 7. A group of Canadian landscape artists that showed their work in the 20s and 30s. Lawren S Harris. Took me to a wonderful place I could gaze at his landscapes all day and never tire.

After all the fun it was off to Tim hortons and some knitting then the long journey back to Mississauga. mmmmm donuts are ggod!
Post Script
I had to publish this post for each picture so I apologize to my followers if you were alerted quite a bit

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am finally off to a new destination and I am almost giddy with anticipation. I am off to Toronto for a 32 hour layover then to las Vegas. I have great plans I am going to go to a knitting store called Americo that my knitting buddies told my about. We stay in Mississauga. so I will be taking the bus downtown. The amerco knitting store in Toronto is their flag ship store. the website is gorgeous. From the I am off to the Ontario Art Gallery. Looks like they are close to each other. I have been reading a great book about an artist named Emily Carr she lived in Victoria and Vancouver 1875 to 1945 she was amazing woman who was inspired to paint totems and native culture in a modern impressionist style. I think I have a little crush on her and now I need to see some of her work in person. Las Vegas will be dinner with a good friend. I am taking 3 projects with me,two knitting and something different. I am armed with a spindle a roving I bought at sock summitt and a book on hand spining. I am hoping it will be fun. No matter, I am sure I will come away with a better appreciation for yarn. Ha! I can too learn to love yarn more!

Oh well time to fly

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween frame of mind

Its the third week of October and I find myself in Philadelphia again. What a difference from last week. The leaves are in full color the weather is fantastic and the mood is high( the Philadelphia eagles are going to the world series). I set out on wednesday to Loop and got side tracked by the city. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to walk the city and just enjoy. I stopped in a the naked chocolate cafe for much needed boost and had a pot of harney and sons Bangkok tea and a"junk in my trunk" bar. The junk in my trunk bar is a layer of coconut, chocolate, cookie and a final layer of pure good! Then it was off to enjoy Rittenhouse square to knit and watch people. I love to watch people! Just to sit on a bench and observe. I love the square. People are so funny they will sing at full volume whether they are good or not. Some times you will catch someone just do a jig for no reason. I watched a girl do a combo taichi with a hula hoop it was strangely hypnotic! I am working on a project for my partner for christmas that has me in a Halloween frame of mind. Finally I found my self at Loop. I picked up the chloe and spuds track jacket pattern that craig (the owner of Loop) knitted. I might knit it. You never know! Then because it was such a beautiful evening I walked some more. I have never seen city hall lit at night It is pretty spectacular.

Today is now Friday and in keeping with my Halloween frame of mind, my flying buddy and I went to the Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians. It is a collection of medical specimens that has been used for study since the 1800s. They have one whole wall of skulls over a hundred. (Spooky research for my pattern). It is actually quite fascinating. Not for the squeamish. After spending time with jars of two headed baby's and giant skeletons. We decided we were hungry and found a great restaurant called the continental it was an old dinner re done with great style. I highly recommend it.( on chestnut and about 17thst) Well it is off to work. Looking forward to going home!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It sure is nice to be home even though we are beaking temperature records. 102 is hot! A 60 degree diference from Philadelphia. Yesterday was my second knitting class at Knit Happens in scottsdale. I have great students and I really enjoy teaching. Oh well lots to do playing catch up at home.
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Friday, October 16, 2009


It is getting Foggy hope we can leave
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Philidelphia again

So here I am in Philadelphia again! I am spending a lot of time here. It sure is a good thing we have a great hotel. It is really cold and dreary out, perfect knitting weather. I am working on a pattern I found in a wonderful shop in Nova Scotia in St John in the Bay of Fundy called Cricket Cove. It is a lace scarf. I am knitting with socks that rock Merino. I had to learn how to do a yarn over twice. Its just a little tricky on the return row. I do like a little challenge. Oh well I thought I wasn't going to let the weather bother me, but It is just to much fun to sit and drink tea and Knit oh well I will hit Loop next week. ( really, who could resist this chair. Did anyone notice that my knitting matches the chair? That wasn't planned)

OK so I had a thought about public knitting. I notice that every time I am in public knitting, people are always saying "Good for You!" I think its funny! I hope its good for me ,but I bet some of my fiends would say he is just obsessed. when I am sitting next to a friend who is reading they don't say it to them, and reading really is good for you. I think I will start just responding "It could be good for you too!" You know I will still just laugh and say "thanks." I guess, I am just a man who knits and enjoys shocking people every day. "BOO!"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

posting from my blackberry

OK so I am just testing the blackberry post! It worked. We are in business. It is important that the blackberry posts because that's all I travel with. By the way the picture is city hall in Philadelphia I was testing wether iicould post a picture as well.


Today was a day of Firsts. I taught my first knitting class and I started my first blog.

The first knitting class went really well I was teaching at Knit happens in Scottsdale. I had a great time I am teaching my lace shawl The Rosebud Shawl. I had a blast. I still have two more classes to teach, since it is a three part class.

As for my first blog bare with me if your reading this It is all new to me.

Now a little background i am a flight attendant for a major airline. I live in Phoenix and I love to knit. I knit everywhere trains planes buses you name it. I have been flying for 24 years and I still love it right now i am exploring Philadelphia. I have 24 hour layovers and i love that city. I love the knitting store Loop. Craig , the owner, has done amazing things and not only is he brilliant he is a great guy.
If you haven't figured it out yet I am a man. Being a male knitter brings out the really interesting comments, so come on my journeys with me and we can discover the world though knitting