Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knitting cough! Knitting Sneeze!

Oh know is it a cold or just allergies. I have too much to do! I was supposed to fly a Honolulu trip and had to call in sick (congestion and cabin pressure are not a friendly mix)I was disappointed not only to miss out on a little beach time. I was planning on lots of knitting time. I still have a 4 day trip starting on Sunday.......
Ok the Doctor just confirmed it no Strep no Cold, just Allergies! So it looks like I will be off to Charlotte on Sunday. If any of my readers know of some good places of interest(you know knitting stores coffee houses or good restaurants)let me know I have 24 hours and am going to be downtown.
Now I just have to finish the secret knitting!
Have a great day!

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