Monday, December 14, 2009

The Lady of The Winter Wood

It was 10 days to the winter celebration. Lilia,Elmer, and their friend Biggins where traveling through the woods on there way to the first of the pre-festives! They stopped to chat about The Lady of the Winter Woods...... Lilia and Elmer were Twiggins. The Twiggins had a long history of The Lady. Lilia was anxious to tell Biggins all about her. Biggins was a Elwin. The Twiggins and the Elwins had lived in peace in the Winter Wood as long as history spoke of it's self.

Lilia told biggins that the Lady was care taker of the Winter Wood. She watched over them, and if you listened real hard on a Winter night you could hear her singing to all who listened.
If you listen real close you can hear her music also.....................

This is a original sculpture by my partner Kelly.
I am blessed to live with This kind of beauty all year around . I just thought I would share this beautiful piece of holiday cheer with you.........

This is Wishing You a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season.

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