Thursday, December 10, 2009

On The Road to Tucson

In keeping with my perfect flight attendant vacation,(no airports! no airplanes !no peanuts!) Kelly and I decided to take a road trip to Tucson. We have wanted to go visit our niece for a while and see her new digs. She is going to the University of Arizona, one of my three alma mater's( I went to all three state universities in Arizona, but thats a different story). so we loaded up the car and off we went. I have to confess folks this is not a long road trip it only takes an hour and forty minutes.
We made it to Tucson by 12:30, Saw Daryn's
Adorable little guest house. Kelly gave it his
stamp of approval.( this is a big deal. He is very opinionated about interiors, and everything else, for that matter) I am not surprised it was cute, she has grow up in
an interior design environment, learning and absorbing from everyone around her.
so where would our first stop be. well Poynt the little wonder app on my Blackberry said that there was a knitting store less than a half a
mile away! (I could smell It!)

We were off to Kiwi Knitting Company, in the Sam Hughes neighborhood. It is a beautiful shop in a charming old house. Lynn the owner is very welcoming, as is Rocky the true owner of the shop. The shop carries a wonderful selection of wools, as well as rovings( for my spinning friends) My favorite room is the veggie room aptly named for the alternative fibers
(The Veggie Room)

( Rocky wont go in there. Apparently veggies have no interest to his meat loving
The little group of shops on the corner are also fun for a look see!
Across the street is a great market. Now I dare you to resist the pastery case!

So, now that I had my fiber fix, it was off to Fourth Avenue. Fourth Ave has always been an eclectic mix of artist and hippies. ( It warms my hippie heart to see that hippies are still in vogue)

First stop Antigone Books . I love a book shop, and I especially love an independent book seller(there are so few left) This store has such a wide variety of books and card and just plain coolness you cant help but get lost. It brings to mind The old days of Changing Hands before Tempe died.( or maybe I should say back when Tempe was a fun funky college town before they tried to turn it in to a mall, yet again that is a different story.)

After antigone we found this amazing shop called PoP Cycle!
(Levi looking proud)
Recycled, upcycled,green and sustainable gifts, accessories, apparel, and furniture. This store was amazing fun, fun , and more fun. It is a family of artists doing amazing things.(DeDe, Shannon, Jennifer, and Levi) I could have spent a fortune ,but for that stupid budget thing I have going on. You just have to see the store to believe it. Again my niece with the great taste for hip and fun stuff took us there.

It was off to the epic cafe for black forest chocolate cup cakes and tea and coffee! Yum!

We hung out and then decided to go to El Chorro for dinner. ( I am a firm believer in the motto "life is short eat desert first")
El Chorro is an institution! It has been serving Mexican food in its little house complex for as long as I have been going to Tucson (trust me, thats along time) It is worth the trip alone.
So, with rather full bellies and warm hearts we headed back to Phoenix!

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