Friday, January 1, 2010

Flying the rest of my Boston Columbus trip

I left off yesterday with Boston... The next day we were flying Boston to phoenix to Columbus a very long day. It started bad when we arrived at the airport I realized my badge wasn't hanging around my neck. I assumed I left it in the hotel room downtown. I called work hailed a cab, as we drove off I realized it was in my other bag. So I told the guy to take me back paid my stupid fee( with a nice tip), ran to the gate, and we closed the door a minute early. What a way to start the day!
On the flight I had a great chat with a fellow knitter named Dawn. She was knitting a blue scarf for her nephew. She had a great theory how a hand knit gift was a great transference of energy! I totally agree. I always am thinking of the person I am knitting for and have fond memories of things we have done. That is why I wont knit for money. If I am going to put that much energy and thought in to some thing it is going to be for someone I love. My Mom and Dad always say wearing my hand knit socks are like getting a big hug from their son!
The next flight I met Nancy she was knitting a sock with XXL Trekking.( she was also knitting with the magic loop method that I can't wait to learn from my friend Chris, who is teaching it this spring at Knit Happens) She was knitting the mock crock free download from
This a great mock cable technique and its really easy! No cable needle necessary!
Nancy let me take a picture of her knitting with her camera and said she would email it to me so I can post it. She and her husband were on there way to the Rose bowl from Columbus. ( along with 3/4 of the plane.)
So now you are caught up I am packing for Hawaii . Yes don't hate me but this whole month I will be posting from Hawaii. I just am too cold so I decided to do the Hawaii flights for a month. There is not a lot of yarn options,( just a lot of knitting time) but I am sure I can come up with something , since now I have a CAMERA. Yes it came and we are back in action. A 5 mega pixel( i don't really know what that means ,but everyone assures me more pixels is good)with an auto focus. Look out I am going to be watching for you flying knitters. I will be sure and take lots of pretty pictures of the islands( I am flying to all 4 islands )

I have to get ready for Maui, may bag is going to be full of projects !!
A traveling Knitter

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  1. too jealous...! :) Have fun and do post lots of pics.