Monday, December 21, 2009

Night flying

So this my home for the next 5 hours. Its almost midnight and we are flying the night flight to Charlotte! So this week is about patience! It is definitly the holidays the airports are packed and people are stressed. So let's all take a deep breath. And try to remember we are all in the same boat (or airplane )
Tips for Traveling....
Stay hydrated and well fed!
(I know airports are expensive) but bring trailmix dried fruit protien bars or just get there early and spluge on airport food to take on the plane with you!
Do Not rely on the airlines to supply anything. ( The glory days are over)
If you rely on the airlines you will only be hungry and mad!
Carry an empty water bottle with you.
It is perfectly aceptable to carry a empty contanier thru security! Then when you are on the other side fill it up with water from a soda fountain or water faucet! Most soda fontains have filtered water and a lot of food vendors don't mind if filling a container for you!
I always bring an easy sock along with any other project I am working on. That way uyou are always prepared for dlays cancellations. What ever comes your way
To be continued....
I have to say welcome aboard.

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