Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh my did you say christmas is less than a month!

!@#$ I have to knit like a maniac. I sure would love to show you what I am working on but that would spoil the surprise for the recipients .. needless to say even this is cutting in to knitting time!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today we drove up to Prescott to check on the cabin. I can't go to Prescott without a yarn fix so off to the Good Yarn. Its a great little knitting nook to hang out and knit for awhile. Debra has a huge supply of cherry tree sock yarn. (Must resist sock yarn! Your yarn stash is still overflowing. Remember your yarn diet!) Ooooo lama wool Cascade yarn! (You vowed to loose a few inches around your stash) I made it out! I bet you couldn't!
We just happened to come up the night of the Courthouse lighting and light parade. It is starting to feel like Christmas
We are hunting for hot chocolate.
I said I was on a yarn diet not a people diet!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is my favorite Holiday. It is a holiday which only has one requirement. That you be thankful. Some might say that it requires cooking or food. If you really think, it really is just about giving thanks.
It has been said "if the only prayer you say is Thank you. It is enough"
So, for all the joy I have in my life and to any one reading this.

Happy Thanksgiving!
A Traveling Knitter
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Todays sky knitting

Ok Ann was a little embarrassed of her piece of trim she was working on. However as we all know,sometimes it takes several pieces to make a beautiful whole! She is making what sounds like a fantastic vest. You have to love the color. Thanks to Ann for sharing.
I am on the flight from Phoenix to Columbus. I haven't decide what I am going to work on tonight. I brought knitting and spinning. Yes I am still at the spinning I am getting better and have even stopped cussing at my spindle. ( Well I am not cussing as much). I want to have enough yarn to make something. I am thinking half gloves.
I will keep you posted.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes from the sky

Well it has been a very quiet trip as far as knitters go. Yesterday I went to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Philadelphia. They have a brown bag lunch concert series that is free to the public. It is every wednesday from 12:30 pm to 1:30pm. So, I grabbed my knitting and sat in a beautiful cathedral listening to a young concert pianist. That's the way to spend an hour. I thought it was quite appropriate that the lace shawl I am knitting. Is all a repeat of threes. (Get it the holy trinity).

From there I decided to get some more knitting done in the park( Rittenhouse Square).
It was a beautiful day.

What would be a trip to Philadelphia with out a stop at Loop. I bought another pencil roving. I am still playing at being a spinner! I am doing much better so I decided. I need to spin enough yarn to actually make something. (I am too smart for my own good) so last night I spent two hours watching tv an spinning. Ok you might want to sit for this. I have a whole skien of hand spun yarn!!! One more and I will have enough for the half gloves I want to design.
Ok just a few notes from the air. This is from the flight attendants view point.
Stop telling us what your going to do in the bathroom. Lately, it seems everyone wants to explain why they are going in to the lavoratorys. Really if your going in it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure you going to do some kind of bodily function. To much information people. On that note please stop showing us your medication when you ask for a drink of water. Will give you the water without any proof. Even if you just want it to drink.
Ok now this one really makes me smile when you come on board and ask where row 7 is (or any row). I will usually respond with we hide it behind row 6 and in front of row 8. ( Have you every been on a plane that has shuffled rows. Ie.. 185724. It would be very confusing)
There is this theory that when people travel they forget to pack there brains or at least there common sense don't be one of those people.
Ok got to go. I wonder where the Van picks us up. Oh right, it would be under the sign that says van pickup. I hate when I forget to pack my brain!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exciting news at Knit Happens

Just a couple of of knitters with a decapted torso!
(nothing strange here!)

For those of you just getting to know me,when I am home, my local yarn store is Knit Happens. It is very energetic fairly new store in Scottsdale. We had a teachers meeting Saturday and there are going to be some great new classes for spring. I think I am going to sign on for 4 classes. two of my own designs a lace cowl I have yet to name and The Rosebud Shawl .( I will have pictures soon) Then I am doing a Modification of the Ilene bag that is free on Ravelry. Finally, I will teach a beginners knitting class for men.
CJ, the owner of Knit Happens has some really great new ideas and it looks like it will be a great spring!


This weekend has been a whirl wind. Friday night after 12 hours on a plane we had a rehersal dinner for the son of our very good friends Maureen and Dennis. My partner Kelly is an event cordinator and took on the role The Wedding Planner(formerly played by Jenifer Lopez). The wedding on Saturday was held at the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was an absolutely beautiful day . Sunday we helped our dear friends with a brunch

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last day of the trip

Well the last day of my trip was the longest. Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas, Phoenix. My knitters(and crocheters) on the flight were the Las vegas Dallas leg. First was Diane check out the Beautiful lace piece from Astonia Lace. It will be utterly amazing when it is blocked out. Then Sandra who was crocheting spectacular wrist warmers. I can crochet but I am not very good at it. I am so impressed by good talent!(See I am an equal opportunity kind of guy)
Thanks to everyone I ran into this week. It is so fun to see what talent is out there!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bainbridge Island

Yesterday was a perfect fall day in Seattle. The air was crisp the leaves are beautiful.
We were off to Bainbridge Island or to those in the know the home of Churchmouse yarns & teas.
Churchmouse is a treasure! I have hard time explaining how wonderful it is. What's not to love? Yarn and tea under one roof, beautifully displayed. Every time I go I am inspired. Kit and her girls are inviting knowledgeable and just downright fun!.

My new students loved it to.
I was really disappointed we had to head back early. ( Sometimes exhaustion rules) They were having a reception for Jared Flood who wrote Brooklyn Tweed. (Check out his blog its one of my favorites )
I have always admired him and would have loved to meet him.
Oh well I had to be satisfied with a big piece of marion berry pie from the Blackbird Bakery and some spiced tea.

( I know you don't feel sorry for me. Only I feel sorry for me!) As the Ferry headed to seattle and the sun was setting behind Bainbridge island. I marveled.
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A plane full of knitters!

Not to be mistaken with Snakes on a plane.( Which was horrifyingly stupid)

What an amazing flight from Philadelphia to Seattle. We had a virtually empty flight. 47 passengers to be exact, however we had 6 knitters including me! A plane full of knitters.
First we met Janet she is knitting a wonderful little dress for her granddaughter!

Then I met Colleen and asked what she was knitting. She modestly replied just a scarf. Oh people don't be modest about a scarf they take commitment. They are long long long! Look what a beautiful job she is doing.

Now Marianne was ready to show off the poncho she is knitting and how convenient it matches her beautiful scarf!

Look at my buddy Cheri's hands flying she is just starting. I think she is doing great. I might be a little prejudice. I am the teacher.

Frannie is just flying along. She stopped using that horrible Acrylic. And she bought a beautiful cashmere. You just have to love knitting with Cashmere.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New students and spining success

Today was a day for new students and fun. We headed off for Rittenhouse square and loop. First stop Trinity Cathedral. Frannie had head of a concert series at lunch. We were a little late but were able to get a schedule I think that's my plan for next wednesday. Good place to knit and listen to classical music for an hour and a half.
Then it was off to Loop to get Frannie some decent yarn. I am not dissing Acrylic but the stuff she is ussing squeaks when she rubs it.
So here we are shopping, and my other buddy Cheri tells me she wants to learn to knit. I am all for introducing someone to the art of knitting. so tomorrow we will be having class. We are starting her with a dish cloth. She is not a total newbie to the craft. Years ago learned crochet, so she will have some knowledge of working with yarn.


Burrr is definatly fall here!
Now I know I have been keeping you abreast of my spinning. It is not easy. I saw a new book is to be released by interweave called respect the spindle. Maybe that's my problem. The way I have been cursing my spindle is not very respectful! So to my surprise Loop is now carrying imperial stock ranch pencil rovings. I had read on line that pencil rovings are easier to spin since the drafting is pretty much done for you. So a bought some to try.
After Loop it was off to a great little Thai restaurant (on chestnut and 19th) for a 3 course early bird special. Damn I am feeling like a senior citizen, eating the early bird special! Then again I am keeping weird hours.
With a full tummy it was back to the hotel for some spinning.
I AM DOING IT! There is very little cursing going on. I am actually starting to see the appeal! Check out my spindle of yarn. ( The knitting is still close at had to sooth any crazy fustration. )
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Late night lessons

Wow yesterday when I checked my schedule. I got a great gift I saw I was flying with my buddy Franni. She and I were in the same training class 24 years ago ( wow that's along time ago since I am only 29) I was pleased she brought a skien of yarn and her needles. So we had a late night knitting lesson, and I will tell you she has taken to it like a bee to honey. I think we have a recruit!
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall in Phoenix

It's monday afternoon and I am packing for this weeks adventure. I can't believe I have to leave this beautiful weather to go to gloomy weather.
I pulled over jumped out of my car and snapped this great picture. My projects for this week are the fun lace shawl.( I am really addicted to this pattern) I am also madly working on my partners surprise( I can't post a picture till after christmas) and, no I haven't given up I am still trying to spin.
So enough of this writting its too beautiful to be inside.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

So its a blustery rainy day in Seattle. Off I went armed with my umbrella and some determination.
First stop the bookstore to keep reading on spinning. Darn, If its not hard.
Then some chowder at the market. I love Pike Place chowder it has won tons of awards. Seriously I just love chowder!
Next stop So Much Yarn
Unfortunately Lauren the store owner was off. I did receive a wonderful welcome from her two great employees Teresa and Ginger!
This little store is tough to find but well worth the effort. It is above cost plus on the corner of Western and Lenora st. It is wonderful. Filled with all sorts of treasures. After my yarn fix,( you know the stuff that's already spun! ) It was off to the market to check out Heavens to Betsie. Rosetta runs her booth at the Public market. She has the greatest bags for knitting notions. Check her web site out
Tell A Traveling Knitter sent you.
Bought a great bag that makes me smile.
So what to do when you in the land of coffee and you only like tea.
Don't despair there are almost as many tea places as coffee spots. Not really but there are a few.
I love Crumpets. So off to The Crumpet Shop. What is tea without a great crumpet!
Then the blustery walk back to the hotel.
Time for a little knitting. Its perfect weather for it. Our hotel has nice fireplace in the lobby! Ahhhhh
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Julias 1st pair of socks

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Just arrived in Seattle

I just arrived in Seattle and I have to share. I met a
wonderful passenger named Julia who is working on
her first pair of socks, (in the picture)and I think she
doing a great job! I want all my yarn friends in Seattle to give her that warm welcome. I gave her the list of yarn stores I love. Well we are hurtling down the. road
towards Seattle. I feel yarn adventure coming up. I'll.
Keep you posted
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Spinning in Philidelpha

Wow this is a lot harder than it looks. Thank goodness for the computer and instructional video! A 20 hour lay over and I still haven't even made a foot of yarn just a big mess. I am not giving up! This is a experiment. To help me better appreciate yarn. I HAVE GREAT RESPECT!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting ready for Seattle

This month I am off to Seattle along with Philadelphia. I have big plans I will let you know what Church Mouse Yarns and Teas are up to and So Much Yarn. If I can swing it I will even make trip up to Hilltop. What to pack what to pack?

Fellow Knitter

The other day I met a fellow knitter on the plane named Cheri from Charlotte. She was knitting a gorgeous pair of socks with hand maiden yarn. ( Wish I had taken a picture.) I Emailed her later with some information and she responded with the greatest line. I have to share it with you.
If yarn were meth
I would have no teeth!
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