Sunday, January 31, 2010

The long road to nowhere to see nothing!

You Know there is knitting in that bag no water but, awe who needs water.

Where are we?

( apparently I need water and knitting!)

I was in Kona this week. My buddies and I thought we would go to the farmers market. That lasted about 10 min. So we decided to go for a long walk and explore. Corrie said something about this mythical marina. (In her defense she said she didn't know where she was going) we found a cool beach and thought we could get there by hiking over the lava fields. That was fun. All in all it was an hour and a half before we found a road that could get us back 3 hours of hiking we found nothing saw a lot of lava and couldn't wait to eat. It was all worth it! Just shows the power of good friends and fun conversation! Next month I am off to San Francisco and Philadelphia. Aloha.

Ps if anyone has any good knitting suggestions for San Francisco, please send them my way. Just comment it will go right to my email.
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