Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A day in Philadelphia

We arrived in Philadelphia last night. My friend Troy,Tom and I went out to a great dinner and a not so great movie. I have been kind of excited about this months Philly overnights. We have been moved back to our old downtown hotel for the month. It is located in the historic district. I get to explore old haunts and new ones. So back to dinner we ate at the marathon grill. I would give it a b. However, happy hour prices on appetizers put it firmly at an A. The movie we saw was Dr Parnissiums imaginarium. It was Heath Ledger last movie. And should have been shelved it was too long and pointless. Just my opinion.
This morning I got out walking and remembering how much glorious history this town has to offer. It just happened to be Wednesday. Free concert day at Holy Trinity Cathedral. We saw a Duet Flutist and harpsichordist.
Good knitting for an hour. Then off to the Continental for lunch. One of my favorite places ( 17th and Chestnut refer to Philly posts for review)
Now it is off to San Francisco for more adventures( I got to work some time)
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