Monday, January 25, 2010

A beautiful story

Some of you may not have read this comment. I thought it was worth sharing.....

I met Dawn on a flight ( when my camera was broken, so no pictures) She and I had a great conversation about how knitting gifts can be a great way to transfer positive energy.

Hi there!

Dawn here with the blue scarf. Unfortunately that scarf is going to have to be mine now. It was originally for my nephew but during the trip I lost my dear mother. On January 2nd I sat by her bedside in Hospice and knitted as God called her home.

I kept talking to Mom about how I had just learned how to knit and had been working on evening out my stitches. As I knitted and talked I took the scarf and rubbed it on her hand for a little "Mamma love". It will be mine now, my nephew will get the next one.

Looking forward to following your blog and hearing about your travels. I hope to see you on another flight soon!

Dawn Geoffroy
Boston MA

Thank you so much for sharing This beautiful story. I am sorry for your loss ...but what a beautiful treasure you have, the memories and the scarf
My thoughts are with you

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  1. OMG...that was beautiful and sad. Thank you both for sharing..