Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Lane. (Or one down and one to go)

Ok, so I have mentioned my little HalfsHimers problem(you know - remember half the things half the time. This is the perfect example.......
A long long time ago(when I say this, I mean a year) I realized I had never knitted my dear friend Lane socks. I got to that imediately, bought some great new Kaffe Fassett sock yarn, and knew I had plenty of time to knit this simple pair of socks. I took them in my bag and just knitted when I had a little time. (No pressure I was way ahead of the game) then things happened, life got in the way. ......... Fast foreward to last week. I was talking to my partner, and realized I couldn't remember giving Lane his socks. I could remember knitting them, but all the rest was hazy. So I began to look in all my regular hidey holes. Hmm I couldn't find them( I must have given them to him surely) so I called and asked just to be sure. He suddenly asked " Did you get my email?" I said no and realized he sent it to an old email address I rarely look at. Apparently he had sent it asking about the socks I told him I would knit. Well now the search was on. I found it burried in the back of my closet(of course I said IT meaning half of one sock. ) ....................
So Happy Birthday FooLina(that's another story)
The other one is on the needles and will be done by the end of the week.
Your friend with HalfsHimers
Aka A Traveling Knitter

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  1. ooh yeah...I think we all do that! I currently have 3 half sweaters. I just finished a scarf, well to me it's finished. Still have loose ends and fringe, but I'm already looking at my yarn stash for my next project. mmmm I think it has something to do with "yarn stash"???

  2. oh yes the stash can be very tempting!