Thursday, January 21, 2010

The longest Flight to Hawaii I have ever done

This was my record for flying time. 7 hours 30 minutes. We were deadheading. ( Which means we were traveling as passengers so we could work our return flight. Our final destination was Kauai.
There was lots of time for knitting. Along with, two movies a nap, and a lot of recreational eating. You might be wondering what recreational eating is? Well, it is very dangerous. Its when you eat just because your bored. That's why knitting is so helpful! It keeps your hands occupied so you won't mindlessly eat. It is especially hazardous now ,since we sell junk food! ( Twizzlers are my down fall. I have perfected the art of eating a twizzler with no hands.... This takes practice and its not pretty!)
Back to my story. I just happened to be sitting in the stitch and bitch section of the plane( knitters are cosmicly drawn to each other)
First I met Pam she was working on a great bag ( I am going to buy the pattern )

Then I met Kathy she was working on a very pretty classic silk cardigan sweater. (Beautiful color choice)
Me you ask...... Mostly Lanes sock(the other one) I would have been finished but I started over I wanted the strips to match. ( He's kind of a matchy guy!...said with love)
Any way after what seemed like all day strapped in an uncomfortable chair......Oh that's right it WAS all day! We finally got to Honolulu., ran though the airport and caught our connecting flight to Lihue Kauai. The whole crew went out for dinner to our favorite local restaurant Cafe Cocos.(In Kaapa) You can bring your wine, and they usually have good local entertainment( last night a wonderful jazz band playing old 40s standards) Oh and there chocolate cake is something I dream about ! So today I am off to adventure Kauai.
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