Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whale songs in Maui

Maui never ceases to amaze. The weather was beautiful. I woke to a wonderful sunrise. I had tea on my deck looking at the ocean what a great spot for a little morning knitting. One of my favorite things in hawaii is the fragrant air. Just the smell can rejuvenate and refresh your spirit.
After some meditative morning knitting. I was off for a good walk. I needed to get my Grandma a little Hawaiiana for her birthday. (94 this year and still pretty sharp)
After my walk It was beach time. We are blessed to stay in a beautiful hotel right on the beach( it looks out on the island of Lanai and Molokai) I was especially excited to go in the water and listen to the whales singing. It is really amazing you can float on your back and just listen to their songs. After floating and listening I was resting on the beach. We were suddenly treated to one of the most amazing whale shows I have ever seen. A young whale of about 2 or 3 was breaching and playing about 500yards of the beach you could see his markings he was so close! He probably jumped completely out of the water over 30 times. What a blessing. So I leave you with a smile in my heart refreshed and in awe ....
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  1. This post is so nice to read ... yes, Maui is a special place :)

  2. OK..I thought knitting by the fireplace was the best...humpf! I could learn to love knitting on a deck in Maui.

  3. Hi there!

    Dawn here with the blue scarf. Unfortunately that scarf is going to have to be mine now. It was originally for my nephew but during the trip I lost my dear mother. On January 2nd I sat by her bedside in Hospice and knitted as God called her home.

    I kept talking to Mom about how I had just learned how to knit and had been working on eavening out my stitches. As I knitted and talked I took the scarf and rubbed it on her hand for a little "Mamma love". It will be mine now, my nephew will get the next one.

    Looking forward to following your blog and hearing about your travels. I hope to see you on another flight soon!

    Dawn Geoffroy
    Boston MA