Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

So its a blustery rainy day in Seattle. Off I went armed with my umbrella and some determination.
First stop the bookstore to keep reading on spinning. Darn, If its not hard.
Then some chowder at the market. I love Pike Place chowder it has won tons of awards. Seriously I just love chowder!
Next stop So Much Yarn
Unfortunately Lauren the store owner was off. I did receive a wonderful welcome from her two great employees Teresa and Ginger!
This little store is tough to find but well worth the effort. It is above cost plus on the corner of Western and Lenora st. It is wonderful. Filled with all sorts of treasures. After my yarn fix,( you know the stuff that's already spun! ) It was off to the market to check out Heavens to Betsie. Rosetta runs her booth at the Public market. She has the greatest bags for knitting notions. Check her web site out
Tell A Traveling Knitter sent you.
Bought a great bag that makes me smile.
So what to do when you in the land of coffee and you only like tea.
Don't despair there are almost as many tea places as coffee spots. Not really but there are a few.
I love Crumpets. So off to The Crumpet Shop. What is tea without a great crumpet!
Then the blustery walk back to the hotel.
Time for a little knitting. Its perfect weather for it. Our hotel has nice fireplace in the lobby! Ahhhhh
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  1. Thanks for the great yarn shop tips, glen. I visited So Much Yarn above Cost Plus near the public market yesterday. What a lovely shop. Theresa was wonderful. Today -- yes, still rainy -- I'm off to Bainbridge Island o seek out Church Mouse Yarns. Julia (the sock knitter on Flight 293.