Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes from the sky

Well it has been a very quiet trip as far as knitters go. Yesterday I went to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Philadelphia. They have a brown bag lunch concert series that is free to the public. It is every wednesday from 12:30 pm to 1:30pm. So, I grabbed my knitting and sat in a beautiful cathedral listening to a young concert pianist. That's the way to spend an hour. I thought it was quite appropriate that the lace shawl I am knitting. Is all a repeat of threes. (Get it the holy trinity).

From there I decided to get some more knitting done in the park( Rittenhouse Square).
It was a beautiful day.

What would be a trip to Philadelphia with out a stop at Loop. I bought another pencil roving. I am still playing at being a spinner! I am doing much better so I decided. I need to spin enough yarn to actually make something. (I am too smart for my own good) so last night I spent two hours watching tv an spinning. Ok you might want to sit for this. I have a whole skien of hand spun yarn!!! One more and I will have enough for the half gloves I want to design.
Ok just a few notes from the air. This is from the flight attendants view point.
Stop telling us what your going to do in the bathroom. Lately, it seems everyone wants to explain why they are going in to the lavoratorys. Really if your going in it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure you going to do some kind of bodily function. To much information people. On that note please stop showing us your medication when you ask for a drink of water. Will give you the water without any proof. Even if you just want it to drink.
Ok now this one really makes me smile when you come on board and ask where row 7 is (or any row). I will usually respond with we hide it behind row 6 and in front of row 8. ( Have you every been on a plane that has shuffled rows. Ie.. 185724. It would be very confusing)
There is this theory that when people travel they forget to pack there brains or at least there common sense don't be one of those people.
Ok got to go. I wonder where the Van picks us up. Oh right, it would be under the sign that says van pickup. I hate when I forget to pack my brain!
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  1. OMG, that stuff frustrates me too about people when I travel, it would make me crazy to have that all day!

  2. Actually it usually make me laugh. If it didn't I would go bonkers.... It also makes for good blog material