Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New students and spining success

Today was a day for new students and fun. We headed off for Rittenhouse square and loop. First stop Trinity Cathedral. Frannie had head of a concert series at lunch. We were a little late but were able to get a schedule I think that's my plan for next wednesday. Good place to knit and listen to classical music for an hour and a half.
Then it was off to Loop to get Frannie some decent yarn. I am not dissing Acrylic but the stuff she is ussing squeaks when she rubs it.
So here we are shopping, and my other buddy Cheri tells me she wants to learn to knit. I am all for introducing someone to the art of knitting. so tomorrow we will be having class. We are starting her with a dish cloth. She is not a total newbie to the craft. Years ago learned crochet, so she will have some knowledge of working with yarn.


Burrr is definatly fall here!
Now I know I have been keeping you abreast of my spinning. It is not easy. I saw a new book is to be released by interweave called respect the spindle. Maybe that's my problem. The way I have been cursing my spindle is not very respectful! So to my surprise Loop is now carrying imperial stock ranch pencil rovings. I had read on line that pencil rovings are easier to spin since the drafting is pretty much done for you. So a bought some to try.
After Loop it was off to a great little Thai restaurant (on chestnut and 19th) for a 3 course early bird special. Damn I am feeling like a senior citizen, eating the early bird special! Then again I am keeping weird hours.
With a full tummy it was back to the hotel for some spinning.
I AM DOING IT! There is very little cursing going on. I am actually starting to see the appeal! Check out my spindle of yarn. ( The knitting is still close at had to sooth any crazy fustration. )
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