Thursday, November 12, 2009

A plane full of knitters!

Not to be mistaken with Snakes on a plane.( Which was horrifyingly stupid)

What an amazing flight from Philadelphia to Seattle. We had a virtually empty flight. 47 passengers to be exact, however we had 6 knitters including me! A plane full of knitters.
First we met Janet she is knitting a wonderful little dress for her granddaughter!

Then I met Colleen and asked what she was knitting. She modestly replied just a scarf. Oh people don't be modest about a scarf they take commitment. They are long long long! Look what a beautiful job she is doing.

Now Marianne was ready to show off the poncho she is knitting and how convenient it matches her beautiful scarf!

Look at my buddy Cheri's hands flying she is just starting. I think she is doing great. I might be a little prejudice. I am the teacher.

Frannie is just flying along. She stopped using that horrible Acrylic. And she bought a beautiful cashmere. You just have to love knitting with Cashmere.
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