Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bainbridge Island

Yesterday was a perfect fall day in Seattle. The air was crisp the leaves are beautiful.
We were off to Bainbridge Island or to those in the know the home of Churchmouse yarns & teas.
Churchmouse is a treasure! I have hard time explaining how wonderful it is. What's not to love? Yarn and tea under one roof, beautifully displayed. Every time I go I am inspired. Kit and her girls are inviting knowledgeable and just downright fun!.

My new students loved it to.
I was really disappointed we had to head back early. ( Sometimes exhaustion rules) They were having a reception for Jared Flood who wrote Brooklyn Tweed. (Check out his blog its one of my favorites )
I have always admired him and would have loved to meet him.
Oh well I had to be satisfied with a big piece of marion berry pie from the Blackbird Bakery and some spiced tea.

( I know you don't feel sorry for me. Only I feel sorry for me!) As the Ferry headed to seattle and the sun was setting behind Bainbridge island. I marveled.
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  1. Are you kidding? I feel terribly sorry for you, I would hate to pass up the chance to meet Jared Flood...

  2. Oh thank you at least someone feels my pain!