Friday, February 19, 2010

Queit Foggy Day in San Francisco

I know a lot has been said about the weird weather in San Francisco. Mark Twain said " The coldest summer he ever spent was in San Fransisco". We arrived Wednesday night and I kid you not it was clear sultery evening. We where wearing short sleeves on the roof of the hotel.( there is a beautiful observation deck on the eleventh floor of our hotel)

That is why it was so surprising to wake up to a cold and fogy day. Don't think I am complaining, after I went back to my room and added some layers, I was off. The weather matched my mood completely, I find San Francisco often does. I was in a quiet contipaltive mood. I decided to do some spirit renewal and balancing.

My friends on the ravelry, the bay city knitters and the men who knit group, had recommended the Yerba Buena Gardens. These gardens are just beautiful in the middle of a crowded urban landscape. The San Francisco museum of modern art SFMOMA is right next door( I am going to do that another time I didn't want to much stimulation) Also, surrounding the gardens is the Museum of Craft and Folk Art.

My destination was Samovar Tea Lounge

It sits overlooking the gardens and is a nice place for quiet contemplation. It wasnt crowded so I tucked into a nice corner spot loaded with pillows. I ordered a nice pot of soothing tea and let the knitting fly!!! Ahhhhhh....

after enjoying my pot of tea and my meditative knitting(there is something to say about quiet knitting in surrounded by people yet still anonymous)I decided to head off to what I consider one of the most sacred spots in the country. Grace cathedral
Wait! wait! Oh well I guess I am walking......

It is quiet a hike, since Grace Cathedral sits at the top of Nob hill. It is so worth the effort. The church itself is beautiful and awe inspiring. The rose window, the stained glass, and the soaring ceilings, but it has two other things that make it a destination site for me.

First, I am an avid fan of Labyrinths. The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in cultures around the world in many different forms. Similar to a maze,but without any dead ends. the oldest known examples date back five thousand years. Grace Cathedral has two copied after the labyrinth at Chartes Cathedral.

People use Labyrinths for quiet contemplation, meditation, finding balance. I find they help me focus my meditation and prayer.
If you are interested in Labyrinths check out this site and find one in your neighborhood

The other thing I find so inspiring at Grace Cathedral is The AIDS Interfaith Chapel
It is a little chapel just to the right of the main cathedral. It is a place of mediation and remembrance for all who have suffered, or are fighting, and thankfully surviving this disease.

I spent another good hour and half walking the labyrinths and sitting and meditating (with knitting of course)

From there it was back towards the Hotel and Chinatown.

Now I am going to give away one of my favorite things. Every time I am in Chinatown I have to pick up my organza knitting bags. They make the greatest project bags. You can color code the projects you can see though them and they are as Strong as iron (needles poke holes and the things self heal)The best part is they are cheep!!! Three bucks a bag. They make great gifts for your knitting buddies.

While in China town I had to stop at my favorite Vietnamese pho shop. Yum Yum noodle soup!!

back at the hotel I had to snap this picture of the Trans America building

Thanks for spending a quiet foggy day in San Francisco with me...

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  1. I thought the picture of those fountains was ice at first. I couldn't believe it!