Friday, October 16, 2009

Philidelphia again

So here I am in Philadelphia again! I am spending a lot of time here. It sure is a good thing we have a great hotel. It is really cold and dreary out, perfect knitting weather. I am working on a pattern I found in a wonderful shop in Nova Scotia in St John in the Bay of Fundy called Cricket Cove. It is a lace scarf. I am knitting with socks that rock Merino. I had to learn how to do a yarn over twice. Its just a little tricky on the return row. I do like a little challenge. Oh well I thought I wasn't going to let the weather bother me, but It is just to much fun to sit and drink tea and Knit oh well I will hit Loop next week. ( really, who could resist this chair. Did anyone notice that my knitting matches the chair? That wasn't planned)

OK so I had a thought about public knitting. I notice that every time I am in public knitting, people are always saying "Good for You!" I think its funny! I hope its good for me ,but I bet some of my fiends would say he is just obsessed. when I am sitting next to a friend who is reading they don't say it to them, and reading really is good for you. I think I will start just responding "It could be good for you too!" You know I will still just laugh and say "thanks." I guess, I am just a man who knits and enjoys shocking people every day. "BOO!"

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