Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween frame of mind

Its the third week of October and I find myself in Philadelphia again. What a difference from last week. The leaves are in full color the weather is fantastic and the mood is high( the Philadelphia eagles are going to the world series). I set out on wednesday to Loop and got side tracked by the city. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to walk the city and just enjoy. I stopped in a the naked chocolate cafe for much needed boost and had a pot of harney and sons Bangkok tea and a"junk in my trunk" bar. The junk in my trunk bar is a layer of coconut, chocolate, cookie and a final layer of pure good! Then it was off to enjoy Rittenhouse square to knit and watch people. I love to watch people! Just to sit on a bench and observe. I love the square. People are so funny they will sing at full volume whether they are good or not. Some times you will catch someone just do a jig for no reason. I watched a girl do a combo taichi with a hula hoop it was strangely hypnotic! I am working on a project for my partner for christmas that has me in a Halloween frame of mind. Finally I found my self at Loop. I picked up the chloe and spuds track jacket pattern that craig (the owner of Loop) knitted. I might knit it. You never know! Then because it was such a beautiful evening I walked some more. I have never seen city hall lit at night It is pretty spectacular.

Today is now Friday and in keeping with my Halloween frame of mind, my flying buddy and I went to the Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians. It is a collection of medical specimens that has been used for study since the 1800s. They have one whole wall of skulls over a hundred. (Spooky research for my pattern). It is actually quite fascinating. Not for the squeamish. After spending time with jars of two headed baby's and giant skeletons. We decided we were hungry and found a great restaurant called the continental it was an old dinner re done with great style. I highly recommend it.( on chestnut and about 17thst) Well it is off to work. Looking forward to going home!


  1. I find your posts interesting.Knitting & travel a love I have too.I want to let you know that it is the Philadelphia Phillies going to the World Series! not the Eagles(football); at least you knew the two teams.

    I always wondered what Flights Attendants do while visiting other cities.Let me know if you find a great espreso or coffee.

    I love Loop too.I just got Spud & Cloe the first Wed in Oct.
    Have safe travels and happy knitting.

  2. Thanks for the info. you can tell were my interests lie. I love to go to Cafination on Chestnut and about 20th street. I also love a good pot of Bangkok tea at The Naked chocolate. Thanks for following and I always love comments