Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am sorry I haven't posted in a while . There are two reasons. The first is my phone broke, yes it's true again I am waiting for another replacement.(this is blackberry 5.... they are great when they work ,but i can't get one to seem to work for more than 3 months) so I am using the old one with the broken camera. The main reason there have been no posts, I have been under the weather with the allergies. The ones that started in Charlotte last week. I am glad to say I actually woke this morning (in Charlotte) and took my first deep breath though my nose. No medication in my system! I have been in a decongestant, antihistamine haze for a week..... the good news I am back and off for an adventure in Charlotte. .. stay tuned pictures will have to wait.....It is an absolutely beautiful day in Charlotte! I am off to explore!

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