Thursday, April 8, 2010

Horror of Horrors

Well today was San Francisco. I woke to a beautiful blue sky. I decided to head off to see Helen at Urban Knitting.This time I thought I would be smart and take Public transportation. Oops I took the Bart and went one stop to many, so I still had to walk about a mile to get there. That was OK It was a beautiful day. I turned the corner an EEEEk aghhh Urban knits has gone out of business! There was a sign in the window that said thanks for 7 great years.
I think it is so sad when a knitting store dies. I decided I needed chocolate immediately!( I was morning the loss of a good if not great knitting store)

I also had the need to console myself with fiber. It was still early so I decided to walk the rest of the way to ImagiKnit
I may have stopped one more time for another double chocolate chip cookie... I can't remember... It was a bad day!

ImagiKints is a delightful yarn shop floor to ceiling with amazing fibers. They carry all my favorites.
the staff is delightful and helpful. This has to be a nice reflection on the owner Allison.

Thanks to Katelynn, Jeanette, and Michelle. I was starting to feel my pain ease.
When ever you are in San Fransisco I highly recommend a stop at ImagiKnit
Its located in the Castro area at 3897 18Th Street.
PS the Bread cafe has a killer double chocolate cookie ... just in case you feel the need.

So in conclusion Horror of Horrors we lost another great knitting store, however it just goes to show, that you should always shop your local yarn stores. These great stores are little Islands of creativity. So......... shop, shop, shop. Come on Knitters lets not loose anymore!

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