Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liquid Sunshine ...... Ahhh Seattle

So, Seattle may not have received the memo. Winter is over! It was a cold "winter" morning with a nice drizzle, but that didn't stop me. I was off to So Much Yarn to buy some "just in case" yarn ( I am working on the socks appeal boxer shorts. And I am afraid I am going to run out of yarn).
I love So Much Yarn. Its a little tricky to find ,but well worth it! Its above cost plus right by the market.

I found this travel kit you have to check it out! All the tools you need in one handy case. The whole case is airport security friendly.
Even though I didn't find my "just in case yarn" I still had a blast checking out all the new yarns. They have in stock. (I have a back up plan.... It involves a lot more work and some ripping. )

After So Much Yarn it was off for lunch and a wander though the Market with one of my oldest friends we. We met in 3rd grade ... Yeah so that's a long time. I won't tell you how long... We had a great lunch and I was really enjoying the sounds smells and flavors of the market. Check out the guy playing the wash tub base. He was really getting some great sounds from it. .

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  1. I'm on an extended visit to Seattle (damn that volcano!) and am loving the yarn store visits I'm having in WA and BC. Thanks for the tip about So Much Yarn; I'll check it out on Monday.