Saturday, March 20, 2010

Road Trip to Tucson

The Windows are Down and the orange blossoms are in bloom!

It's spring and we were ready to hit the road. The original plan was to head down to Nogales for the day. We were going to pick up our niece and her boyfriend, however when the State department issued a warning about the safety of border towns we thought we would change are planes and just hang in Tucson for the day. I love road trips especially when I don't have to drive. I think since I fly all the time it just appeals to me to watch the world pass a little slower.
We got to Tucson and headed to our niece Daryn's new house. near our favorite area of town 4Th Ave. The last time we were down we missed the 4Th Avenue fair by a day and guess what we did it again. The street was crazy with people setting up . Daryn lives close enough to walk and we walked the street for a little bit and then stopped at the Tucson Market for some pizza (even though we are hanging with college students and pizza is the college food of choice I have never lost my love for it!..and it has been a few years since I was in college)

After lunch, we were off to check out some galleries Daryn is a art student and Chris, her boyfriend, is and architect student... art galleries were a no brainer.

Daryn had hear of a Warhol show at a gallery on 6Th Ave . This was a major exhibit. This is Something most museums would give there eye teeth for and if you are in Tucson in the next few weeks go check this out

Eric Firestone Gallery
Feb 27, 2010 - Apr 25, 2010

Apparently Andy Warhol was in Tucson in !967 to film Lonesome cowboys at The Old Tucson studios. Bob Border was a reporter who was sent to photograph the artist , not really knowing what he was getting into. He went and took this huge group of photos. We actually meet this very interesting man. This is the first time any of these pictures has ever been seen publicly. There are numerous other photographers represented as well. It is a spectacular show. Whether you love Warhol or hate him he mad an indelible print on art and graphics today.
From there we decided to wander 4th Ave some more.

What?....... Fiber and lots of it!!!!!
I ran into Kathy setting up her both for the fair( really all I saw was FIBER and Lots and I was drawn, like a Bee to Honey!!!)
Kathy is the owner of th Withers Ranch in Tucson she raises the animals and spins magical fiber she felts and guess what?
She is having a big event at her ranch
Tucson Spring shearing Festival

March 27th, 2010
9-3 pm
her web adress is

To finish off the Day We had a great dinner at The B line Nothing like a decandent Deserts for the drive home!!!!

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