Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Over the Hills and Through the Woods........

Anchorage the Alaskan Frontier. I started my day with a hearty breakfast at the Snow City cafe.

This place is legendary. The food is amazing. Michelle Shocked sang about it on her album, Anchorage.(or maybe she mentions it in the album notes, but I new about it from her)

Check out her video on the side bar while you are reading.

After breakfast with a nice warm Tummy it was......... Over the hills and through the woods to a knitting store I go. A true knitter will travel a long way when they are in need of a yarn fix(at least I will) ok so it was almost 2 miles from my hotel and it was 36 degrees, but The Far North Yarn Co. was well worth the trip. My weary frozen eyes were treated with a great wall of Irish. Greens of every hue!( This was conceived by the owners son)

It made me want to knit something for St Patrick's day.

The owner of the store is a refreshing burst of energy. Her name is Kay. There are wonderful yarns to be had in this store. Lots of great books samples and ideas at every turn......and yes. I bought something a skien of wonderful Kathmandu yarn merino silk and cashmere. Yes, it feels yummy and smoochy. I have no idea what I am gonna make, maybe a great hat! It will match my cell phone gloves( the pattern is coming soon). Travelers and locals alike you need to check out this charming shop. Tell them A Traveling Knitter sent you.

On my way back I thought I would give my knitting a chance to check out the view from Resolution point. This is where Captain Cook endened his nothern exploration. ( I thought my knitting need a closer look)

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  1. I am simply flippin jealous!!! But, I must mention that I live near KU, yes near Lawrence,Ks and it so happens that's where the Yarn Barn is located. :) I may just have to make a yarn run! but...that green display really grabs ya...that is yummy!