Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Man Knitting in Public..

It happened! There was actually another guy knitter on my flight to Hawaii. Some might say ,so...I have been flying for 24 years and have never had another guy knitter on my flight, Except for my fellow flight buddy Eddie.
His name is Andrew and he is a very talented knitter. he has only been knitting for a short while, yet he is knitting a scarf with yarn overs.
The poor guy I think I startled him with my enthusiasm, This is rare occurrence. I was like a kid I wanted to drag all my projects out and just chat knitting. Too bad I actually had to work.
The best part, I was watching him knit and I was thinking what are those needles he is using. They looked like double points, but not quite. I was lucky I wasn't spilling on everyone I was serving. I wouldn't find out till after service he was knitting with chop sticks. He didn't know that knitting needles are approved by the TSA. I just thought this was genius though, now I want to try knitting with chop sticks I have some beautiful inlaid wood ones.

Well I am off to the beach

here is my latest favorite artist for you listening pleasure
I first heard Matt Morris singing with Justin Timberlake Hallelujah.. on Hope for Hatti which has to be one of my favorite songs. check it out on the side bar, under curently listening

Since then I cant seem to get enough of this guys voice

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