Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

OK so it wasn't Scarborough fair , but e did go to the first Friday Art detour and the 7ave street fair this week end. The weekend was a whirlwind of art and craft and Oscars.

(........aliens and art)

We started Friday night at Another Gallery on 3rd St in Phoenix. One of our closest friends, Daniel Moore, is the featured artist. his photography is simply amazing it can transport you to that quiet place in your heart. The gallery was hoping with friends and family, and it was so nice to see such a wonderful response to Dans work. From there it was off to Roosevelt. They now close the street for the evening and it feel like a night fair . We saw all kind of interesting things , aliens ,circus freaks and even art. Every month on the first Friday of the month all the art galleries in down town phoenix open there doors. it is a great venue to see new and emerging artist .(Lots of good people watching too!!

Saturday was the 7Th avenue street fair. this is a great big event for us. since we live in the neighborhood we are very close to lots of people on the street. This year was no disappointment there was such a high level of creativity. I met the girls who run Bewilderknits Gwyne, Karn, and Cora. They were a oasis of fiber in a see of other crafts.

One thing I love about the downtown crowd is the diversity and acceptance that goes with it. It seems there was a place for everyone.

To cap off the great weekend we went out to Fountain Hills for Oscar night at my best friend's house. It has been quite a tradition to watch Oscars with Sari and Adin( her son). My mom is always on speed dial.( A really awful dress constitutes a call immediately) We had a great dinner and were really pleased to see the Oscar for best director go to a woman!

All in all it was a spectacular weekend!
Keep chasing Rainbows ............

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  1. Not only did it go to a woman,but Cameron's X...makes it sveet!!!!
    I do love the Oscars...all the glamor. So far, my favorite worst dressed was Jennifer Lopez, closely followed by Suzi Amis.